Piece of Quirk

This small start up e-commerce site needed an integration with their vendors and fulfillment houses while still maintaining an integrated brand. This needed to be done while also maintaining the artistic nature of the brand.

Lemate Cocktail Mix

Lemate needed a web site that would integrate with their online ordering system and would show potential customers what they do and the breadth of their services and products.

Norton Associates LLC Engineering Consultants

Dr. Norton needed a way to reach both students who used his book for classes as well as Engineering professors who were teaching using his book. This site includes his lectures, problems, and supporting information about his books.

TuModa Spa

As a well respected high end spa in Worcester it was important to make sure the site reflected this image. An introductory video provides a “wow factor” while a mobile navigation addressed the fact that most visitors are coming from mobile devices.

Trappistine Quality Candy

This chocolate store is run by the Trappistine sisters in Wrentham, MA. We modernized their online store to help them sell their chocolates more efficiently and effectively while still allowing for them to focus on their calling.

SEM Shred

This large complicated e-commerce site includes hundreds of related products that are categorized into many different groups that needed to be organized into a coherent structure that allows visitors to find the specific product for their needs.