Pope Insurance

Artefact has effectively developed web sites for small local insurance agents for year. Pope Insurance Agency needed an effective tool to reach both their existing customers and bring new customers into their agency through effective calls to Action

Cabot Risk

Cabot Risk is a urban insurance agency with several specialized programs that needed to be the focal point of the design while also making sure that existing customers could easily find the resources they need.


This smaller local insurance agency wanted to have a local homey feel with their site while still offering ease of use and a lot of relevant content that not only serves their existing customer base but also encourages new customers to reach out to them.

Rubin Hay PC

Rubin Hay wanted to update their site and make sure their target audience of high value clients are reached and can easily see what they have to offer. They have paired this new site with email campaigns to stay in front of their potential clients.

Clarke and Cohen

This 100 year old Philadelphia based insurance adjuster wanted a site that reflected their Philadelphia roots while also having a modern design. We used a striking home page image paired with icons to keep the focus on the image.

William Goodrich Insurance Agency, Inc.

This site had last been updated over 10 years ago. We modernized their brand while maintaining the small town simple look that they valued. The “sticky” navigation at the top makes navigating the site a little bit easier.

L’Hussier Insurance

This local insurance agent wanted to look larger and more modern so we included a streaming video on the home page and incorporated a blog posts to fill out the content of the site and give the agency a much larger feel.