Carl P Sherr

This financial services company needed to ground itself in the culture of Worcester while also projecting a very corporate image. We included images of Worcester, MA into the design while making sure the site is clean and simple.

TuModa Spa

As a well respected high end spa in Worcester it was important to make sure the site reflected this image. An introductory video provides a “wow factor” while a mobile navigation addressed the fact that most visitors are coming from mobile devices.

Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust

This Pennsylvania land trust wanted a focus on their beautiful land through the images on the site while also sharing their ecological events and support services.

Managed Care Matters

This extremely active blog needed a robust presentation that proved that content is king. This site includes subscription notifications to several thousand recipients several times a week as posts are published.

Cohen Partners

This communications company has expanded to include larger partners and as such needed a larger more substantial presence on the Internet. Their message needed to be front and center to help prequalify visitors to their site.

Algonquin Athletic Boosters Club

This local regional high school booster club wanted to make it easy to highlight what the athletes are doing while also making it easier for the boosters to reach out about supporting the teams.

Trappistine Quality Candy

This chocolate store is run by the Trappistine sisters in Wrentham, MA. We modernized their online store to help them sell their chocolates more efficiently and effectively while still allowing for them to focus on their calling.

Project New Hope

This military support charity has gone through three different iterations of their web site as they have grown and expanded their services to help our service members.

SEM Shred

This large complicated e-commerce site includes hundreds of related products that are categorized into many different groups that needed to be organized into a coherent structure that allows visitors to find the specific product for their needs.